Hey UG,

Just wondering does anybody know how long this reissue is gonna last and when & where will they be hitting the UK?

I cant wait to get one, i no in america u can pre-order them does any one no where i can pre-order in uk?

Thanks UG
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They'll probably last as long as they continue to sell.

Official release date is October 16th.
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speaking of, whoever has a ten spot II (deltafunk i think?) needs to A/B their unit with these when shops start receiving them.

Indeed I do, I really want to try one of these Reissues out and compare. Hopefully my local Guitar Center starts carrying them so I can just bring my Ten Spot II try them both out. If I do, I'll comback with a report for you guys.
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Not to necro a 5-year-old topic or anything, but I meant to write that I tried this pedal a few years back and it was HORRIBLE. Mediocre sound, and you really have to stamp on the thing to engage/disengage it. Don't buy.