What if-

What if-
Nothing is a matter of personality
Is just environment

Two collective environments
Kissing in the park (
A third environment inside
A million others)

Its limitless really
Against scientific principle
Encoded genes are a thing of the past
And procreation actually has nothing to do with nothing

There is a strong possibility
That our attraction was merely born out of a ven diagram
Of our comparable experience
In a word, relatablility-

The question then, is,
Is love real
Is it inevitable that the circles of the diagram will separate
As other infinite environments taint the brain
Memory rusts

What if-
Memory is born to rust.

What then?
Don't often comment here, but for what it's worth;

I loved this.

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I loved you before you got all deep

This was long and deep thoughts worthy, you unearthed some interesting questions here, and I like that. Definitely not easy reading though.
way easier reading than half the contrived **** that gets posted here. this was really good. the dying mother pieces not so much, but probably just because i don't like achingly personal poetry. you've come along way, and i'm impressed with how your style has always retained the heavy subject based matter yet become much more effortless in its delivery.