Ok, so it's my birthday in a little less than 2 weeks and I was considering getting a new overdrive pedal. I have a BOSS Super Overdrive (OD-2) and my amp (Line 6 Ax2 2x12) gets some pretty good bluesy distortion on it, but I was thinking of getting a higher quality pedal.

I had my eye on the Vox Satchurator, or one of the Blackstar HT series pedals. So tell me what you think. Also, nothing over $200.

Thanks guys.

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firstly wrong forum needs to go in the gear and accessories forum

secondly the satchurator is absolutly brilliant i`ve been using one for a year now without any issues, whilst it has more than enough gain to suit all genre`s it`s best suited for blues and hard rock but can cope with metal (pre st anger metallica era).

i have used it with a ss preamp and a valve amp it`s more suited to valves but worked well with the solid state.

ignore the fact that it is a sig pedal and concentrate on its sound. more importantly go try one.

oh i`ve also got the big bad wah which i reviewed for UG and bought that cos of the quality of the satchurator.
you may want to take this to the GG&A forum, you'll get a hell of a lot more help there.

EDIT: and definately a +1 for the satchurator
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+1 on the Vox Satchurator

Great pedal, the More switch is great and the od/distortion is awesome for the price.
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I've been looking into buying some high quality boutique OD pedals as well, so this might help.
The paul Cochrane TIM Pedals ($165) are supposed to be amazing if you're looking for a clean boost/ low gain OD.
A couple other options would be the Hermida Zendrive ($199) or the Mosferatu ($199) which is a higher gain version.
The Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret ($159) for less gain or Supercharged Overdrive ($159) for higher gain.
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