Hi all,

Planning on building my own custom guitar using Warmoth parts. Came up with a quick paint sketch of what my graphic will look like. I'm going for something so Metal that it's almost cliche, and funny. My band plays metal but none of us are the stereotypical metal band players, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.


Attached is a mockup of what it will look like. 22 frets, 24 3/4 scale with floyd rose, ebony fretboard, single skull and crossbones inlay at the 12th fret.

Also it's supposed to be white but it looks grey in this picture.

Oh and more blood. it was just hard to create.

Let me know what u think

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but that'll look nice.
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Stop Sign Guitar? HELL YES!
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maybe put some barbed wire or something to make it more metal.

Make the frets out of barbed wire for epic br00talz.
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Make the frets out of barbed wire for epic br00talz.

and bind the body, AND neck with barbed wire...

and dont even think about stringing it up with strings... im pretty sure you can get barbed wire in differant gauges!

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You deserved this, Matt.
Just to continue the senseless offtopic - only one thing is more metal then barbed wire, and it is...

Back to the topic, make that guitar shaped like Bc Rich warlock, and you basically have a metal cliche there
razor wire aint as br00tul tho.

anywho, i hope this is still gonna be made
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You deserved this, Matt.
razor wire aint as br00tul tho.

I would disagree.

Are they jumbo frets in the pic?

Glow-Sticks fret
hahah barbed wire XD

all seriousness, one improvement for the appearance. i think the direction the blood is dripping will look strange when you hold the guitar side on and actually play it, you should make the dripping go towards the floor (that's towards the floor when your holding the guitar properly). so yeah, blood drop direction is wrong imo.
having handled both razor wire, barbed wire and I can honestly attest to the sheer pain and brutality of razor wire. It's specificly designed that once you're in it, the more you move the worse things get. But on topic, the shape of the body looks sweet.
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