I'm selling my 6 month old laptop. This thing is a great performer, It's just that I'm after a macbook ATM.

Check out my craigslist post. http://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/sys/1415370551.html
If you are interested, I can ship, and will be taking any offers as long as they are reasonable.

I'll also leave a fully functioning version of Guitar Rig 3, Sibelius 6, Reaper 3, Microsoft Office 2007.
Oh and If you want more pictures I'll be glad to send some to you with my screen name. Just PM, email, or call me.
Sorry for triple posting but i wasn't sure how to edit. Here's some images. If you want MOAR just ask.

Sorry for the ginormous pics

my ebay account p911gt2 has 100%positive feedback with 138 transactions, and I am a member since 2001.

posted this on notebook review but you get the drift