I want to get a new guitar, primarily for metal, so I'm going to be using tunings like Drop-D or drop-C. I have my eyes set on a B.C. Rich Mocking bird ST and a Dean 30th anniversary V. Which one is better?

Here are the guitars in case you've never seen them:
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Depends do you want a locking tremolo or hard tail? although im pretty sure the mockingbird comes in a hardtail version because my mate has one... and i have played it and its sounds great but i have never played this particular dean V but i would say the mockingbird
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mockingbird no question
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if you're going to be changing tunings a lot (which it sounds like you are) i'd go for the fixed bridge. a tremolo will be a serious pain to set up if you want to change tunings very often.
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Mockingbirds really aren't your typical lead guitar (they're really heavy, and the pickups are usually better for rhythm).

I've found Dean pickups to be flexible but hot. Try to find a Dean with a hardtail.
yeah i'd go for a hardtail version of the mockingbird, locking trem ftl
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I guess I'll see the mockingbird. The Dean V looks great though, but looks aren't everything
A good song should make you wanna tap your foot and get with your girl. A great song should destroy cop cars and set fire to the suburbs. I'm only interested in writing great songs.
Mockingbird man. Dean's are garbage an the Mockingbird has more variety with tone.
my god brother had a B.C. Rich, they are beatiful, you should get some money to buy some blackouts though
My friend owns that mockingbird. Well... the thing is, it's not a very good guitar. Or maybe that particular one. Here are the problems i've encountered with it:
1. Bridge despite being OFR goes out of tune pretty easily... "Crappy" LFR bridge on Washburn n2 nm can hold tuning for 6months straight (with massive whammy wankage) and the one on that mockingbird gets out of tune after few hours of playing and barely touching the thing...
2. The guitar is HEAVY!! It's so heavy as if it was made out of solid granite! Really, it outweighs Michael Kelly Lo-Boy patriot (i think that's the model name) which is a lespaul shaped baritone, and a yamaha bass... really, it weighs freakin tons!
3. Tone possibilities are pretty.... well... overrated. It has tons of fancy knobs, but the tonal differences are minimal. Yet again coil splitting works better on cheaper washburn.
4. The neck has a wierd twist... it's sort of straight till 13-15 fret then it's a little warped a little. If the necks on these guitars get into warps like this ones, it's not a good sign.

It might be the cons of that particular guitar, but you should check the particular guitar are you going to get. I'd go with the dean in that case. No risk of getting a bad FR, controls much simplier (and probably working better) and also nicer looks (personal opinion there).
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