I just picked up a twin from craigslist, the guy told me he just replaced the power tubes with JJs, but still has stock pre-amp tubes. Do you think the old tubes are the reason why it's overdriving (it is mostly in the low-end that I notice it) It sounds OK, but it's not the clean I was looking for....

Also do they take specific footswitches, because right now I'm just using a Marshal Footswitch It's stereo), but when I hit the reverb on it just produces a hum. The hum interacts with the reverb knob, as it will add more bass to the hum with the knob turned up, but there is 0 reverb coming from the amp...

What's going on? This is the 2nd twin I've got in the past month and both of them have had problems...It's breaking my heart!
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Usually Fender Amps use Fender footswitches Try another cord, last week I thought my amp broke down because it made som StarWars-like sounds, it turned ot to be the cord.

The distortion could come from the tubes, depends on the tubes.
Maybe, the distortion is also caused by the pickups. Do they distort on other amps?

I've got a Twin Amp too and I love it!!
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