Thinking about picking up this really cheap acoustic guitar for a project guitar. Only $88 bucks.. not sure how its going to sound, but it really be just for show if i got it customized. http://www.edmwi.com/home/edm/page_919

I'm wondering what it would cost to do a custom job on it. Its a sick SG shaped acoustic-electric guitar , has a deluxe thin body with a double cutaway. Rosewood fretboard and bridge, with Spruce wood top and Sapele wood back.

I want to paint it black: the body, bridge, neck, headstock, all of it. Also while I'm at it, I really want to inlay the initials TM in opal or mother of pearl in the fretboard to replace the standard dots.

The only thing is is that I wouldn't be able to do any of that, especially the inlay. I don't have the knowledge or the tools, or the time

Tell me what you think.

Should I buy?
Sound like a good plan?
Estimated cost?
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well i dont know about its acoustic sound, but its electro acoustic, so aslong as you have a decent acoustic amp itll sound fine, if its still doesn't sound 100% swap out the electronics and put in a fishman set

EDIT: if your buying it just to do those mods dont buy it, if u want to learn to mod guitar and repaint ect, buy a cheap old classical or something, and repaint that a few times, you can get a stag classical for like 40 bucks,
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You should make it look like this:
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haha yeaa JBles! Thats actually why i started looking for one because of the POD!

well you make a good point, but seeing as you are only 15.. Anyways, why not buy it just for the mods? Itll look sick as ****! and if it sounds good, then bonus!
Still.. no ones said anything about how much it would cost. Anyone know or can just throw out a guess-timate?
Im thinking of going to a custom shop, so if its too much I dont want to buy the guitar, even if it is pretty cheap.


Any custom shop would charge a ton for it, plus i wouldn't paint a acoustic, their pretty fragile when it comes to tone.
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