For $10 bucks! It's a crate gt15r 15 watt combo. I know it's nothing special but for $10 bucks it's dumb to pass it up. She wanted 15 I offered 10 and she said yes. The distortion sucks but the clean is surprisingly decent. Not a lot of headroom but at bedroom and practice volumes I think it sounds pretty good. I saw online this amp sells for like 80 - 100 bucks so yay to me.
wait wait.. go back why did u both making a thread, it doesnt even ask for our thoughts or if somethin similar happened to us. and B: what? where can i get an amp for 10 bucks lol
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Riveting tale chap!

Care to elaborate to the market in which you purchased said amplifier?
I have high interest in getting a Practice amp for 10 dollars with a speaker that big.
well there are always tons of tag sales on columbus day weekend so I was browsing and saw this crate gt15r sitting on the ground. The lady wanted it gone it was probably her sons or something. I couldn't really believe it and I figured even if I hated it I could sell it on craigslist or something and make a decent profit on it haha. I'll probably keep it for now though because the clean channel is fairly good. I just felt like sharing this story cause one of these deals has never happened to me and I figured people here would appreciate a $10 amp.