I have a new song called Running, it's on my profile.. It has a hard rock vibe to it .. but there's some spots i'm trying to decide whether or not to change and need you guys opinion on it... It'll be greatly appreciated ... While there you guys could also check out Carpenter's Workshop

Running (profile page)
Running (band page)

I remixed Running, and also redid some parts
Also I upped a new song called Stare Into me
let me know what you guys think again C4C
Stare into Me is in the links for Running the one in my sig is for the og lyrics
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cool man ... well i've returned the favor
As far as Running the leveling of the vocals with everything else right now is the hardest thing to figure out ... since I've had this as an instrumental where everything just fit in perfectly and i'm still working out how to sing the verses
But i don't get what you're saying about CW .. is it that the vocals isn't audible/loud enough or it is the wording pronunciation

K .. man I feel like going and working on stuff right now
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the vocals are too low and the beginning is totally jumbled up. the quiet parts are pretty cool, but that spastic part is a little TOO spastic for my taste.
Wow, the beginning was weird, haha. :P

It kind of reminded me of the Mars Volta for a while. I can't really hear the vocals, so I'd bring that up a bit. The mix can also be boomy at times.

The song had very, very good variation, so it never got boring.

This is a very original piece, and even if it's not everyone's taste, I thought it was pretty cool.
Okay, thanks for your critique on my songs first. Appreciated.

Now to your song. I have to agree with peacemaker, I too felt the beginning was weird. Not an easy song to listen to. But I really liked the slower parts. They build up quite nicely.
Maybe you could clear up the vocals a bit more. But I'm not really sure of that. Because they do give the song, kind of a dirty and somewhat disturbing touch. It's a tough call.

Stare into me: Is that a banjo in there? If so, that's very cool. Again very disturbing to me. If that's what you wanted to reach, then congratulations. I'm sorry I can't say anymore about this, as it just sounds really weird to me. What do you have to feel to write such music? But one thing I can say is, that I really like how the faster, more disturbing parts kinda float into those slower, more normal sections and vice versa. That goes for both songs.

Original stuff.
You need to make the vocals louder, plus they have sort of a "background" sound to them.

I think that the area around 1:50-2:00 could've been connected a bit better rather than just a rest then the intro riff again. The one around 2:50 fit though.

Otherwise it was pretty good.


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Ok this is some totally off the hook ****.
When the clean stuff came in, I started thinking of Jethro Tull.
Your crazy-man singing is quite interesting but if you just made it louder and more articulate. It would be perfect.

Well this is some totally crazy **** but it's actually enjoyable and very interesting. Good ****ing job dude!!!

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1217037
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thanks for the crits guys
If you guys could change the vocals overall like what would you do with it beside making it louder ... Is there a particular singing style you would have it sung
I only ask this since I still haven't figured out how to sing the verses. I know how I want it too feel but all my attempts at getting that way aren't panning out