I currently have a VOX AD50VT that I really do like. But its really kinda big and its a lot more powerful than i need, i dont play in a band, just at home. I was thinking of selling it to buy the Fender Champ 600. I like that the fender is all tube and from the clips on youtube it sounds awesome.

I play a bit of everything, from ACDC, Guns and Roses, Blink 182, Greenday, Metallica, to Blues soloing. probably play blues most.

my current guitars are a Fender MIM (SSS), and a Gibson SG (faded)

I would like the portability and tone of the champ (plus i would probably end up with some money by switching), but i do like turning my VOX up when no ones in the house to full blast and rattling the heck out of everything.

Anyway, what would you guys suggest? Keep the VOX or get the Champ?

other suggestions welcome
Get a smaller VT series. a VT30 or 15.

VT > Champ 600

especially for such a broad range of stuff.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
but the VT series insnt all tube. would the VOX AC4TV be a better choice then?
For a practice amp, I think the Fender Super Champ XD can't be beat (for the price). Very versatile, decent built in effects, sounds good at low-loud volumes, tube power circuit. About 250 bucks.
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maybe look into a peavey vypyr 30w it might be what your looking for, your never know.