Her body calls for celebration
Who's the god of inebriation?
Crucifixes line the walls
Needles break and line the halls

I came this calls for celebration
Work your souls through salivation
a cheap new way to get my thrills
I see Jesus in my pills

Rolling columns ridicule
life blooms on the window sill
Rises up and takes the throne
It rots your teeth and stains your bones

Voices echo through the hills
rapes the blood while counting kills
Annexed where the Vally lies
seeing visions in the flies

Red wine mixed with sleeping pills
Makes you tired, makes you ill
******s Addicts priests and *****s
Lost and found in mushroom spores

Calling through a grave endeavor
who said gold will last forever?
Losing blood and losing fast
Cold dead truth that stains the glass
Wow. I thought I was ticked off at religious hypocrisy, but this...
is really really good. The imagery is great, in a really twisted kind of way. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see this put to music.
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