I was wondering how to take any song and remove the vocals from it so I can just listen to the instruments. Plus I have a recording with my old band that I'd like to post on UG I just wanna remove the ****ty vocals.
Use audacity. Theres a vocal remover in the effects part
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That oughta do it.

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on a studio recording, it wont remove the vocals completely, you cant do that actually. all the vocal remover does is remove anything that is panned to the middle
short answer: you cant.

long answer: while you cant do it, you can kinda do it. i think there was a little tutorial the guys who run the audacity site had at one point that had a nice way to do it. basicly it involved doubling the track, stereo reversing one, and then inverting one. it basicly cancelled out everything in the center of the recording, which is usually where vocals go. it also takes out everything else in the middle and usually sounds like pure crap. see here. usually not going to sound good though, so its pretty much a waste of time and effort.
it actually sounds ok on some songs, but those are like the basic pop songs that just stick the vocals in the middle and dont do anything interesting. ive gotten it to sound ok on a track or two, but usually rock tracks try to make the stereo spectrum interesting so that trick doesnt work.
Actually you can do it, but in order to do it, you have to have the acapella version of the vocals. Put the original song in a track in your DAW, and then put the acapella vocal in another track and reverse the phase. It should then disappear.

The opposite also works. Get the instrumental version of a song, put it next to the original and reverse the phase and you'll be left with the vocal track.

You have to line them up right for it to work, but if you get it, it should work pretty much perfectly. If you have your doubts, YouTube it.