I'm looking to set up a collaboration with one or more UG users.

I use Audacity for all of my MP3 recordings, so anybody that can record to MP3, id like to hear from you to sort something out, so PM me or something.

I also have 17 original recording on my profile, some of them are...a bit shit, but if you have a listen (or don't, it's up to you) and comment on them if you want, it would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If ya wanna add me as a friend, i wouldn't mind

Cheers in advance!
I actually wouldnt mind doing a collab with you, very good recordings for Audacity, I could never get it to sound that good. I like your style though. Ima add you as a friend.

You can listen to my stuff, I have a album out on my profile that I composed. But if you want to collab then let me know and we'll come up with something epic.