I've been playing guitar now for maybe five years, I think I'm pretty good but there's one little trick that I've always thought sounded cool, but I've never been able to figure out / never thought was necessary to learn.

I don't know what it's called, but it's like a note you play fades off into harmonics, like something you do to give a creepy dissonant feel to an ending of a song, or coming into a song (so a build up of tension.)

Symphony X does it a lot live, as does Coheed, but those are just the bands I can think of, I'm sure everyone else does it too. I thought now that I'm starting a local band here, it would be a nice thing to do that sounds good live.

If it's something that's relevant, I use a Line 6 Spider III amp, and an ESP F-50 Guitar, no pedals or anything as of right now.
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I think you mean when you get howling from getting to close to your amp high volumes/gain...
Thats quite cool to do during a gig, just take off the gate and it make a pretty cool intro.
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It's just feedback used in a a harmonious way. Just hold a note out with heavy vibrato, and after a few seconds you should have it. Certain notes sound better than others and are easier to make feedback. Make sure you're turned up loud, and face your amp to make it easier. Also try adding some reverb at first to make it really easy.
sounds like it may be feedback harmonics id look into them, u may need a nice beefy tube amp.
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yeah thats called feedback.
Lots of gain and volume + being close/in front of your speakers = feedback.
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