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I can't get my alternate picking faster D : Any tips on how?

Not really. There's no secret. You just have to practice accuracy and it won't feel as fast. Just build up speed, with a metronome the old fashioned way and you'll get faster without even knowing it
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You'd be far better off recording a clip of yourself playing and posting here-


That way your technique can be visually analyzed and the advice given to you can be broken down and relevant to you personally. There are simply far too many factors to consider. Until then, start reading some stickies and watch Freepower's youtube videos.
Stop trying to play faster and stop worrying about it.

Concentrate on playing accurately, in time, keeping your hands synchronised, improving your control and keeping your movements...do that and you'll be able to play faster as those things improve. Think about it, speed isn't a tangible thing, it's abstract - it's dependent on your skills but it isn't a skill in itself therefore you can't practice it, you can only practice the things that govern it.
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Go and watch the Bruce Lee interview about ecnonomy of motion and wasted energy. Apply this to guitar.
Practice along with the metronome.
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you mite wanna try a jazz 3 pic to .. helped me ALOT! bak in the day..
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Metronome! Practice slowly, accuracy and right rhythm. Once you feel you got the riff or scale or exercise right at a specific tempo raise it the tempo by 5 or 10. Continue doing that.

Also specific guitar picks might feel better than others. I like to use thicker picks. I recently changed to Dunlop Jazz III, it feels good for me but some say it is too small but I like it.

Also you can tilt the pick in a specific angle to make it easier to pick through the strings and pick faster.
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