Hey there, I'm getting a new guitar pretty soon (next week or so I do believe) and am looking to get one that suits my musical style. I'll list some of my favorite mainstream indie bands instead of making you look up some you've never heard before:

Arctic Monkeys
The Libertines

Yeah I'm into stuff like that, indie/post punk revival. I have a budget of around 600$ to spend. I've been mainly looking into a standard american tele.

P.s: If I got the tele, which color do you like more? Arctic White or Midnight Wine? It's a hard decision :P
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yeah i'd go with a strat or a tele

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have you considered sumthin with P90s?
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I;d go with an Epi Casino, Sheraton, or Riviera. Preferably one of te 90s Riviera's if you could find one. Nick Valensi said it's the greatest guitar he's ever played.
One of the less popular Fender models like the Jaguar, Mustang, or Jazzmaster. But asking for indie guitar suggestions isnt very indie. just kidding man, good luck on your hunt
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