simple question, should i get the budda bud wah or not? ive heard great things about it but i want GG&A's opinion.
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Well, that depends. Are you gonna be using it with really high gain stuff?

not so much, mostly classic rock like hendrix, zeppelin, and sabbath type of stuff. i'm not doin lamb of god or anything like that if thats what you mean
They're a great piece of gear.

Nice smooth vowel sounds, but it's overall more subtle than a Dunlop.

I'm switching mine out for a Clyde, but that's really no fault of the Budda, I'm just gassin'.

Top end rounds out nicely, no shriek or pierce, but can get a little hairy when run before heavy OD (Think Tubescreamer with gain at noon), so I run mine after, helps a lot.

Easy to adjust, I have mine two clicks down on the pot, which is a bit much, but it smooths out the sound even more, makes it very subtle, except on the very bottom of travel where it gets a little too flubby (it doesn't do that stock, though).

I will say that the damn thing is built like a friggin' tank, and has held up great through some pretty extreme touring/gigging abuse without the slightest crackle.

The only issue I've had is at about a year old (ballpark at about 200 gigs/jam sessions), the treadle pivot started to squeak a bit. A little 3 in 1 oil and it's never done it since (another year).

Get one, they're great.
It will suit the styles you're after with ease.