My mother is dying, but solely of old age and heartbreak. Here are three poems I wrote tonight for her. They are all connected and so they are posted together. God bless.

Three Poems For My Dying Mother

The technology
She bought all of this
Around me
How odd
Is breaking, now

My mother's skin
Glossy and unnatural
Like cracks
In the uncrackable
Like lightning through Heaven

I heard the drip of her well worn words
Leaking black through the lines
She sounded so old on the phone

I wonder what her chest sounded like
When she was torn from my grandmother,
I wonder if the doctor knew then
Exactly how much further this body would take her
But just didnt have the heart to say

I talked to her today
She told me she was so proud
In the background static
Wires poking through her cloth
Dark, Chaotic, Loud

I visited her in the winter
Last year
Looked her in the eyes
With fear
Put my cheek up to her heart

Heard the gears moving
Slowly tearing her apart