The end of the decade is approaching us really quickly. I know! End of the decade! Isn't that strange?

The fifties can be remembered for things like rock and roll and Johnny Rockets (stfu)
The sixties can be remembered for woodstock and being high as f*ck
The seventies can be remembered for disco and... Screw it you get the idea.

In about twenty years time, way after these ten years have passed and we've gotten over stupid trends and some of us are using canes, what do YOU think this decade will be remembered for?

I don't mean your favorite stuff of the decade. I mean things that will make our decade unique from those in the past and the future.

I'll give some small examples to get this semi-nostalgic ball rolling:

-Using MP3's as a convenient form of listening to music, on computer or on portable device
-Execution of Saddam Hussein

Technology and the amazing advances in science.

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The internet has found a prominent use in society.l
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People got born.
The playground of the world
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The playground of the world
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The playground of the world
Internet explosion. Making of every type of porn possible.
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The decade a bunch of 90s faggots matured,
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technology and the internet taking hold more than ever before.
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sadly the only thing that really happened musically was rap and indie... how horrible
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The first black President of the United States.

not everything is about the North America

I think it will be remembered for the interwebz ololo
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sadly the only thing that really happened musically was rap and indie... how horrible

ahem, some pretty awesome metal too.
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ahem, some pretty awesome metal too.

ya but metals been around longer than the indie stuff and that gangster rap (CRAP) those are really the stand out new stuff. but metals always good
This decade will be known for rap and reviving fashion trends from the 80s. The decade where kids get treated like adults from the age of 5, anyone else noticed this?
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As stupid as some of his attention-seeking shenanigans were, I have a feeling a lot of his music will be remembered as well, his first two albums mainly. They're already getting hugely praised as some of the best hip hop albums of all time (in b4 beyonce is the best of all time jokes). Sadly, he's tarnished his reputation as a man who doesn't know when to draw the line.