Yet another power metal thing I've been working on, I like it better than the last one I did, and this one is nearly complete (unless I get some crazy ideas) except for the solos and outro, so just pretend there's a solo in the spaces with just chord progressions (or if you want, write your own and then show it to me) .

C4C if you want.
I enjoyed it. Nothing to really crit imo. Finish those solos and you will be good to go.
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Hmm, drums could use a fill before the heavy beat comes in. Maybe don't repeat the intro bits as much. The lead melody sounds good though, and the transition into the verse is good, as well as the verse itself. I like the vocal lines too. Drums arequite DragonForcey. The chorus is sweet. I think the bit after the chorus could use some lead guitar or something, rather then just power chords. Overall, it has a good solid feel, lots of that owing to the drums and solid rhythm lines. Is it finished yet? If so, the outro might need a bit of work.

Id say 7/10.

critiquing as i listen :
the start is awesome but you surely can use more transition in case of drums while going in for the heavy drumming part. the vocal lines are very good but dont you think you have overused the intro riff? the chorus is awesome! the post-chorus is the solo if i am to guess, right? well, you have already laid down a solid foundation for a nice solo there. again the verse kicks in and all that is good. the bridge/breakdown could have been 4 bars longer but thats just me being a fan of breaks, but is that the outro? you do need work on it mate. overall i liked the song but try using the intro lead a bit lesser
crit mine?https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1216197

edit: i put in a solo see if you like it, just after the chorus part
Untitled Epic (edit).zip
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Thanks guys, and no it's not finished yet, when I have some time I plan to finish the solos and a proper outro. I might be overdoing it a little (well, it's power metal after all ) but I plan to have a solo after each chorus and the especially long one at the end (which is a boring chord progression at the moment )

And yeah, I just put the intro lead in between the verses because I couldn't think of anything but yeah I'll make sure to change that too.

I'll crit your guys stuff ASAP.

blackmagician: nice solo! Do you mind if I change it around a bit? I need the one after the chorus to have more hyperactive shredding, so I might move yours closer to the end of the song, but it's kickass anyhow
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yeah no prob mate change it around as you like it, just an idea to get you set in a nice direction for the solo part.. i went for a "feely" part anyhow, waiting for your crit