OK. so i finally convinced my parents to buy my pedal parts (3pdt switch + alpha pots) online. i have two sites to choose from.

effects connection - http://www.effectsconnection.com/oscommerce/index.php
pedal parts plus - http://www.pedalpartsplus.com/

do you guys know which site is safer to buy from? my parents freak out about this thing called identity theft. please help.

thanks in advance.
I buy from Pedal parts plus regularly, never had a problem, other than an occasional extra jack or switch when ordering large-ish quantities.

Smallbear is also excellent.
ok im gonna go with pedal parts plus. but i have some questions.

how is an RoHS CLIFF 3pdt different from a normal CLIFF 3pdt?

im also buying alpha pots for my pedal stuff. is 16mm the radius of the shaft or is it soemthing else? im looking for a normal pot for pedals so would it be a 16mm single gang or a 24mm? im confused by the terminology sorry.
RoHS parts aren't going to be any different in practice, so it doesn't matter which you get (hint: go cheaper!)

It's only used by manufacturers who must be "RoHS compliant", so until you end up running a legit pedal-making business, no worries, although if you're super green about the environment, RoHS stuff is cleaner.
ic lol. thanks for clearing that up.

now what about the pots? im just making a simple standard OD pedal. is 16mm single gang the normal thing?
I know this thread is old but for anyone with the same question the 16mm has a smaller body (the round part housing the resistive material and the terminals). The 24mm is larger. If you have a lot of room it doesn't matter, but with a 1590 or similar enclosure go with the 16mm. it'll save you some space and allow them to be closer to the edge or mounted on the side.
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^so your telling me a smaller part will take up less room? This is good to know, writing down in my notebook that I carry around in my back pocket.

Believe it or not there are 9mm pots that are even smaller. Mind boggling I know.

Thanks for bumping this.
you can get a lot of that stuff at your local radio shack
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