Its 1 oclock in the morning currently. I'm not in a right state of mind. I see a lighter, and a guitar.

A little experimentation with the lighter and the white grip part of my tremolo bar yielded an interesting smoky effect.

So i figured what the hell, why not deface my pickguard. I started to burn the tip of a part, it got like yellowish burnt, cool... but kind of a bad idea.

I then held the lighter far enough that the flame didn't touch and i started to get like soot on the white pickguard. It created a black smoky effect. Went around the entire pickguard with the only exception being in between the pickups where the strings were.

Had a smoked up guitar (think smoked glass)... looked pretty damn... okay. (i got the "this mightve been a bad idea" thought in my head.) I couldve taken the strings off and smoked up in between the pickups but i decided, no this needs to go.

A wet paper towel scrubbing later and to my surprise I got left with a present.

The Pics are of pretty ****ty quality, you can see most of the more prominent marks but it doesn't really do it justice. You get the idea though.

I got most of the black off, but instead of a clean white like I had hoped, It looked like a faded burntish black. The most interesting thing was every little scratch and ding made on the pickguard was outlined in black and you could see each very clearly. Right now, it looks pretty awesome, but I might just punch myself in the morning. I might take off the strings and do the same in between the pickups just for the sake of completing it.

Doesn't look half bad imo

Anyone ever hear of anyone doing such a thing? I suppose Jimi had something along the lines of this when he lit his up. Although this probably doesnt hold a candle to it.

Thoughts? Keep it and continue? or is it time for a new pickguard?
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Although this probably doesnt hold a candle to it.


anywho, looks decent. ive been there before with that stupid decisions you'll regret in the morning though lets just say i woke up with half my head shaven.
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Looks interesting but next time take your guitar off first.
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This + a light relic job?

Any takers?
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yea when people relic a guitar they offten do this or drop the guard in a pot of coffee personaly I like the smoked look better...
Looks pretty gay to me but whatever floats your boat man. Personally I prefer a sleek looking guitar.
yea it looks dope but i like my guitar to be sleek and clean
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it looks like you tried too hard. subtlety should be the goal when it comes to this sort of "relic" project. the more obvious it looks, the less good it looks.
Thanks for all the replies, its 9:30 in the morning I kinda half kicked myself but it looks okay. I always kinda had a thing for kind of dinged up/aged guitars so I guess this'll work.

Agreed that its a little too pronounced. I plan on just burning a little between the pickups and doing some wiping down to see if i can get some more off.
if thats what you like, I have 3 no name pawn shop guitars I'll sell you.
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Any tips on how to fade the marks a little? Water isn't doing much. Might have to break out the windex.