hey we have the same name.
people named levi are generally raw and hard mother ****ers.
no bands always say the crowd is awesome, unless the crowd boos them or throws things at them.
The Kooks played at Rock Werchter festival a few years ago. Concert sucked, they couldn't get the crowd going. At one point, the singer said "what a shit crowd" to the guitarist... only, he forgot to turn his mic off.

Needless to say the concert didn't get any better after that.
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Yeah, but terrible in bed.

there's no such thing when it comes to women, she has vagina = she's good in bed.
men however, yes we can suck in bed.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
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You should have seen what I did last night.

My back still hurts.

is this just me or is this a case of ....
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