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I've seen that our great reggae thread has dissapeared. Here is one for discussion of roots reggae, reggae-rock, hip-hop influenced reggae, ska, dub, dancehall, etc. Everyone always asks for a list of good artists so here is mine:

Bob Marley
Peter Tosh
Dennis Brown
Burning Spear
Bunny Wailer
Toots & the Maytals
Max Romeo
Black Uhuru
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars
Ziggy Marley
Stephen Marley
Julian Marley
Tribal Seeds
One Drop
Rootz Underground
Soldiers Of Jahs Army
John Brown's Body
Inner Circle

Barrington Levy
Buju Banton
Collie Buddz
Damian Marley
Toko Tasi
Chapter 11
Too Rude
Close Enough
Half Pint
Tippa Irie

Slightly Stoopid
Orange Grove
The Movement
Lefty at the Washout
Jah Roots
Clear Conscience
Long Beach Dub All Stars
Natural Incense
New School Dropouts
High Tide
880 South
Tomorrows Bad Seeds
The B Foundation
The Holdup
Three Legged Fox
Mike Pinto
Pacific Dub
Stone Senses
The Holdup
Through the Roots
Three Legged Fox
Giraffe Aftermath
Top Shelf
Part One Tribe

The Skatallites
The Expendables
The Supervillains
Reel Big Fish
Less Than Jake
86 The Effort
The Dirty Heads

King Tubby
Stick Figure
Easy Star All-Stars
10 ft. Ganja Plant
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

So what is everbody jammin' to now? for me it's
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Great list, you just forgot a few that I'd like to add

Bedouin Soundclash
The Dirty Heads
Mystic Roots
^ Yeah, I've seen ras trent. My friends make fun of me and call me that, except I actually know a thing or two.

Good adds metalhead, I knew I was missing some, but didn't feel like really searching, I also forgot Bag of Toys, Can't Hang, 3rd Alley, Current Swell, Home Grown, Livitz Livitz, The Next Generation, One Groove, Shakedown, Nuff Sedd, Sashamon, Seven Foot Wave, Bargain Music, Cas Haley, O.A.R. (kinda), State Radio, The Black Seeds, Josh Heinrichs, Pato Banton, and probably some others.

Here's some sick videos too: Miles is the ****in man! NoNeedz is dope, check him out

Also, I'm excited I'm just getting a Reggae/Blues/Rock/Hip-Hop band together now.
So I just got Passafire's new album "Everyone On Everything" and WOW! It is a masterpiece, this is what radio stations should be playing.

Oh on November 14th Slightly Stoopid, Passafire, and Infected Mushroom are all playing near me, what would you guys reccomend seeing? I haven't had the chance to see any of them live yet.
Safe and Sound
Not a big fan of Rebelution though.
The Orange Grove post was nice. Love those guys.
Just saw ill Scarlet open up for Iration and Pepper.
Iration is on a run, check their EP. It's great.
Love bedouin too.. not TOO much reggae, first album was more reggae. Great live shows.
Almost forgot JAH ROOTS!!!!!!
So sad they broke up, but Josh is still staying alive.
Please check out 77 Jefferson.. tight friends with Jah Roots, had the pleasure of meeting them both... real cool guys.

77 Feat. Josh of Jah Roots
I used to listen to pepper and natrual incense a ton. Now im more in to 10 ft ganja plant and roots like Junior Mervin
Insolence anyone? some of their stuff is reggae
Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
Open up your funky mind and you can fly

^ Never heard of Insolence, I'll have to check them out. I'll be seeing Passafire, The Expendables, and Iration January 21st though! I can't wait!! I think Pepper will be coming late spring or early summer too, which will be a badass party haha
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I think I might like Hail HIM better than Marcus Garvey, whata re your thoughts?
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I think I might like Hail HIM better than Marcus Garvey, whata re your thoughts?

also hail him
Passafire is absolutely great. ill be seeing rebelution, and the expendables at the end of january. so stoked!!!
Just brought Bob Marley: The untold story by Chris Salewicz, it's been a really good read so far.
the Wailers
Desmond Dekker
Prince Buster
Jimmy Cliff
Gregory Isaacs
Mikey Dread
the Skatalites
RIP lowlife (fort wayne) the best crappy crusty punk band ever!
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the Wailers
Desmond Dekker
Prince Buster
Jimmy Cliff
Gregory Isaacs
Mikey Dread
the Skatalites

i saw prince buster's house when i was in jamaica
Mos Dub is amazing, check it out!

I also suggest that you guys start checking out The Pier, it is a great website for information on reggae and reggae-rock musicians.
enjoying the trojan love(noticed you listed a few, toots and the maytals, ub40)

Derick Morgan
Claudette & The Corporation
Dandy Livingstone
Harry J Allstars
Hortense Ellis
Max Romeo
Ken Boothe

after going through my collection of reggae, ive got the fever now ;]
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i love the bands iration, passafire, the expendables, pacific dub, rebelution, and pepper, and while they all seem to be connected to each other what with their tours and all, i cannot find any way to describe them collectively...
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Love reggae, listening to Burning Spear at the moment, have seen Jah Shaka so many times I've lost count, seen Misty in roots too, they're good live, check out the live at the counter eurovision album.

List of some of my favourite artists..............
Jah Shaka
Dub Syndicate
King Tubby
Augustas Pablo
Lee scratch Perry
Bim Sherman
Misty in roots
Burning Spear
Black Uhuru
Max Romeo
And more........

For you reggae fans out there, there is a great community site dedicated to reggae and the reggae-rock scene. There are album reviews, interviews and all sorts of good info concerning your favorite artists. I am not affiliated with the site in anyway, I just want to spread the love.

Enjoy, peace.
The Holdup just came out with their sophomore album today, Confidence. Definitely recommend picking it up.
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^ thanks for reminding me! I've been waiting so long for that album, The Holdup are great! Everyone should check out Passafire's new live album too. I've also really been digging Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad lately, I definitly reccomend them.

One more thing, Josh from The Movement left the band apparently. Sad news..
I just got Northwest Son's album Boundary Line, it's really enjoyable, very chill with a lot of acoustic. Also, I'm gonna see Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad open for The Beautiful Girls sept. 14th in Chicago. I've been loving GPGDS so it'll be great!
Hey guys, I don't really know shit about reggae. I have like a top 100 reggae torrent but not many of those songs really appeal to me. However, a while ago I bought an album by A.R.M. Posse on itunes and its ****in nasty. I'm not sure what kind of reggae it is, but could anyone recommend some other stuff like them?
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Doesn't look like anyone's mentioned SOJA or Black Uhuru yet...
Gotta finish my work, then play some grooves, so I can turn my room into a house of blues...
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Doesn't look like anyone's mentioned SOJA or Black Uhuru yet...

Black Uhuru is, for some reason, unknown by most people I meet.

SOJA is famous though, everyone [that listens to Reggae besides from the average Bob Marley track] have heard of them
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Just thought I'd give this thread a nod, I've just been picked up by a ska/reggae band last minute cos they had to kick their lead guitarist out and they have a gig next friday.
Unfortunately my band is also on the bill that night so I'm gonna be ****ed! (my drummer's in the same position though, they picked him up too).

This is a hell of a lot more reggae than I'm used to.
I'm usually more of a sort of Jazz guy, so jumping into so much Reggae when I was only ever used to Ska and small bits of reggae here and there is a bit of a shock.
Especially considering I'm gonna have to learn loads of it by sunday for the practice.
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