everyone in my class has to do this presentation on
"what is more expensive/valuable? education or ignorance? explain why."
what do you fellow UGers think??
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Education ftw.
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well, education may be rather expensive as you're going through it, yet it's valuable later on. Ignorance can cost you a lot financially, socially and economically. As a quick example, you're ignorant about how much electricity rates are at what times. Instead of putting on the dishwasher or the washing machine on overnight when electricity is cheaper, you put them on during peak time. Compound that with other electricity related things you could use on the off-peak time, you're starting to spend a lot of money rather quickly. Just an example, and a small scale one, but I think the point is there.
Well, you can't know everything. So both are gonna play a bg part in life at certain points. Both are equally valuable.
Education is the more expensive answer, also the most valuable. You don't get far in this world being thicker than a plank of wood attached to a stack of Idiocy for Dummies books. Not unless you parents have swimming pools filled with money at least...
Say this; "I think education is more valuable, because our teacher is absolutely great! "
Yeah, the other kids might think you are a bit of a tool but they won't be the ones with the A.
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Education is the more expensive answer, also the most valuable. You don't get far in this world being thicker than a plank of wood attached to a stack of Idiocy for Dummies books. Not unless you parents have swimming pools filled with money at least...

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I'm going to go way out on a branch here and say education.

Education is expensive in material money and time, and valuable to the mind.

Ignorance is expensive in terms of lacking understanding of how the world operates, and is valuable in the sense that you can make your world whatever you want it to be, in your head.
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Maybe you can take a neutral stand. Because truly each should be cherished. Unless you're talking literal meaning of cost and value, then I would say education is more "expensive." Except I have a hunch that's not what your teacher is talking about. Which do you value more: Your knowledge (The years and years spent sitting in a class room learning logarithms and grammar and politics and how things work in general.) Or your innocence (the times you spent as a child not caring what was out past the stars, or how many salt molecules exist in a drop of sea water.) Maybe one out-weighs the other in your mind, but to me I think both are valuable.

Yes, education is a key factor in furthering yourself in this world today. You are required to know things, to understand things, to be able to chose right from wrong and see cause and affect. With out any knowledge you might as well still be in diapers. Knowledge is the key to your future. But what about your past and the present?

Ignorance, the lack of knowledge. You wouldn't go very far in life if you didn't apply some knowledge to everything. In fact, you wouldn't go very far anywhere. But when you're out hanging with your friends, enjoying a cigarette, swimming in the pool, playing video games, whatever it may be, how many times do you stop to think about the compounds that make up the toxins in your cigarette, or the percentage of buoyancy our body fat gives in water, or the amount of colors needed to make up a single pixel in your game? You don't. Because if you stopped to think about all that crap you'd be a friggin' mindless robot. You wouldn't enjoy the little things. Instead, you're ignorant to these things; innocent.

Truly I think what is truly valuable is the ability we have to switch between these two "modes," if you will. We can determine when to be smart and further ourselves, and when to live in the moment. I think that's most valuable. Cherish your innocence and ignorance, because when it's lost to knowledge, it's lost forever. And also cherish your education, because without it, you'll never be the best you can be, you'll never further yourself and become a greater human being.

Well anyways that's my input. You can wake up now. Hopefully that helped you decide which you value more and maybe some points you can focus on. Or you can elaborate on this and balance the two, showing how each are equally important. Who knows, it might impress your teacher.
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