does anyone know what amp i should consider buying , i play alot of slipknot ,killswitch engage, system of a down, trivium, metallica,korn ect..... and i just wanted to know what amp would someone with knowledge suggest for me , i was think a marshall or a randall but theres a **** load of them ,, any help?
peavey 3120
i play alot of the same stuff, and some softer rock, classic rock, blues, and alot of clean stuff too, and the peavey 3120 can do it all
its a bit expensive ($999 for the head, but at guitar center, you get a free cab with it), but if you can afford it, its great
and my current rig is a bit weak , i got 2 powered 15" yamaha PA speakers and all my sounds come from a LINE 6 POD 2.0

If you're playing metal, I suggest you get a distortion pedal too. Preferably a metal muff.
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In that price range, you have a lot of great amplifiers to choose from. But when you say amp, do you mean just the head or a head and a cabinet?

JVM Marshalls or the Peavey 6505+ will give you great high-gain tones. They are pretty much the standard for metal guitar. Those amp heads are both within your price range. You should be able to find a head and 4x12 cabinet in that range unless you go for the really high-end stuff.

Best of luck.
go used if you want something epic .. ebay sometimes has good deals

5150 6505 .. i saw a JCM 900 for 1500AUD duno if its still on but ..

mite wanna look into a boost to and avatar cabs are good pretty cheap and have v30's
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