So I'm getting into recording, and my birthday is near.
I basically want to be able to record my guitar tracks with good quality, either using a mic or using an guitar to computer interface. I don't really know what's better....

I have been looking at the M-Audio Fast Track Pro + Shure SM57 combo but a LOT of people seem to have problems with it.

So, does anyone have recommendations? Budget will be around 300 euro's tops I guess...

Thanks in advance.
Do NOT get the FTP. I've had countless problems with it and i'd burn the damn thing if I didn't need it.

Whether you use a mic or not you'll need an interface of some kind. Check out this thread. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=301566

Huge list of gear. If you are going to use a mic make sure the interface comes with preamps.
for the mic get a raven
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