I have a worn cherry finish flying v, I asked once at at store why it was cheaper. The salesperson said that the non-worn finishes take a lot more man-hours to complete, so they're significantly higher in price. All in all, it's the same guitar though.
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Because Nitro finishes are very, very expensive! Not worth the extra expense IMO. You pay all that extra dough just for a shiny finish. I picked up a great worn brown finish Explorer at GC that played better and sounded better than all the other Explorers they had on the wall. The best was when I told them I would take it and asked what they would take for it the hang tag said it was $949.00 marked sown to $749.00 and they told me $499.99 for it with the HSC. It turned out to be a managers special markdown. Normally I would negotiate a price but not in this case I do not think you could ever get a brand new Gibson for that price.

The thing is you need to try several out. I know all the ones I tried before the one I bought were OK but not anything to get excited about but I have tried top of the line Gibbys that didn't cut it.

Thx Jelifish19 and Ironbeast. I thought the material or the wood was cheaper. The flying v is definitely something i would want for Christmas