I have a pretty easy question for those more experienced.
I've been wanting to change some of my favourite songs into a chord-playable for 1 person.
How does that work? What I need to do to make it fit and sound properly ?

I write pretty sophisticately... so here's an example of what do I mean:

From (Beatles- Strawberry Fields):

To (Havens - Strawberry Fields):
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work out what chords the guitar melody is based around, keep the same rhythm and keep the same vocal melody. it's not normally too complicated - but if you feel particularly adventurous you could add a bunch of hammers and slides to pick out the nuances of the original.
the method some players have already explained , is applicable for easy to average songs ,some songs got really hard plucking,or bunch of chords,that makes impossible to sing along with it, need another hand..or one need to give up food and sleep and practice to sing along with it...

dont follow typical pattern rhythm ,or dont pick chords to suit u , it wont sound that good, if u wana learn , try to capture most of the chords .
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Zeroing in on the bassline often helps too, particularly if it's a riffy song where the chords are more implied.
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