So I started playing guitar 3 yrs ago. I played guitar for 3 months with my left hand but I felt sad with the guitar choices available, so I learnt guitar the right-handed way ^^. Anyone like me?
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So are you saying you're ambidextrous?
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So are you saying you're ambidextrous?

maybe. Now I know how to play guitar with my right hand more than my left hand. I can fret better because my left hand has more 'strenght' and I can control my fingers much better than on my right's hands fingers. I only need my right hands to play the strings, my left hand needs to do most of the work so that's an advantage I think
better to give up that left handed approach for guitar , coz i have seen many lefty were walking around the shop , but couldnt find their left handed guitars, though they have money ,can play whatever,
write with my left hand but do nearly everything else right handed.

if i were to try and play a left handed guitar, it would be disastrous.
i'm a lefty take a look at jimi hendrix he is a lefty and plays a right-handed guitar. i have played for nearly 2 years and i have played or can play as well as a right handed. you can do anything if you put the time and patience.