I am searching everywhere for help on getting a Nightwish sound on my amp, and I can't find one in the ultimate settings thread either D:

My amp is a Marshall Valvestate and has:


My guitar is an ESP LTD 400-BD

Thanks in advance for any help
I dont think you are going to get a Noghtwish sound out of your amp, because I had a Valvestate also. But the Boss Metal Zone gets an awesome nightwish tone. It was about the only band I used it for. If you can get your hands on one or something similar you should be fine. But I really dont think you are gonna get it playing through that Valvestate. Nowhere near enough gain.
I have a very mean Danelectro CoolCat Metal pedal, which has insane gain on it, the settings on it are:


Well, if I had to ballpark it I would say put the bass around 6-7, mids around 4ish, and treble a little over half way, and I probably wouldnt crank the gain ALL the way up. Start there on the clean channel with the amps EQ set to noon the go from there. I think I used a somewhat similar setting on my Metal Zone. I would try to help more but Im at college and my MT-2 is currently sitting in my room 150 miles away. Sorry I cant be more specific.
tell me if you even get close with that. The Metal Zone has a bit of a unique distortion I think, which can be good or bad. Its awesome for Nightwish. Most other stuff...not so much. Im not sure how your Dano pedal compares with it.
By the way, how close did you get with those settings? Im curious about it myself.
For a spot on Nightwish tone, I'd recommend a Jackson Custom Shop guitar. I own 5 and they all play amazingly.
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Quote by Smarglefarb
For a spot on Nightwish tone, I'd recommend a Jackson Custom Shop guitar. I own 5 and they all play amazingly.

Are you serious... you say and "recommend" a Jackson custom guitar every time you post.

Thats a pretty killer tone right there man! it even makes my **** little 10W amp sound good!

One thing is I had to down the gain a bit with my pedal, since its like insane distortion xD

Only one problem stands now, and thats that some of the chords that I play sound a bit out of place, yet I am playing the right chords >.>
Glad to hear I could help. I use a pretty similar setting on my amp most of the time and just run my distortion into my clean channel. It seems to work pretty well for metal. And a custom shop Jackson wouldn't help a bit if you aren't even close to a decent EQ setting. But it would still be nice to have