Ok I searched and found threads about cleaning the fretboard, but not really anything about cleaning the neck.

The neck on my Fernandes Ravelle is starting to feel kinda slow and "sticky" so I was wondering how to "lube" it up?

Could I just use something like a tiny amount of vegtable oil on a cloth, then buff it with another rag?

Also as I'm a student any cheap ideas, or things that I can buy from any regular shop would be awesome
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OK, rosewood fretboard, right?

But what about the rest of the neck? Painted/not, if not, then what type of finish? Type of Wood?
Opps forgot to add the details, sorry! Long day...

Rosewood fretboard, maple neck thats gloos finished
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i wouldnt use vegetable oil as it might damage the neck. clean any dust or anything off of it and then wipe it down with some a clean cloth and it should be fine. if not then id say go to a guitar store and ask there advice, theyll probs recommend some kind of oil to polish it with but yeh.
I have an old acoustic that I experimented with. The guitar is an Yamaha F310, with a varnished neck. I cleaned off the dirt, then I used a little car wax on it. It works great. I won't try this on any of my newer guitars, until I see what the long term effects are. Also, I wouldn't suggest doing this on an unvarnished neck.
I use an basic all around Orange oil based all purpose cleaner sprayed on a rag to clean my necks then finish with guitar polish. It works great on all the different necks I have and does not bother the finish at all.

Now, if you have a guitar with a nitro finish you will want to find something that will not effect the finish almost everything is incompatible with a nitro finish even body oils! I think your safe with the Fernandes I am pretty sure they use Poly which is impervious to just about anything. I know guys who clean their poly finished guitars with Windex!!!

Right, thanks for the help guys I'll look into the finish a bit more, then may try car wax on it. Fingers crossed!
Say no to drugs, but drink is good...
I'd save the car wax for painted finishes, like the guitar body. And then only like maybe once every couple of years. Car wax will eventually eat through the finish (if used monthly for several decades).

I use Gibson spray polish on my maple necks; spray some on a microfiber cloth and then just wipe it down until it's clean.
Just breathe on the neck then wipe it in circular motions. Repeat if necessary.
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Wipe down the neck (or body for that matter) to wipe away excess dirt/grit. Then using a lint-free, microfiber cloth keep wiping up and down the neck and see what that does. They neck isn't going to be completely dry so it could buff out a little and be fine afterwards (this is normally all I have to do)

If that is not sufficient then be careful about any other products you may use. Be very careful about water/water based fluids or even oils as they may leave your neck wet which is not good for its overall health. Also things like furniture polish/mr sheen/wood polish aren't a good idea.

Tbh it doesn't sound like car wax is a good idea, so if you require anything more than a standard wipe I would ask someone in a guitar store. The reason i don't think it is a good idea is that over time it will build up a layer of the stuff on your guitar which isn't good. If you choose to use it, use the tiniest amount and thoroughly wipe clean afterwards. The same applies to any other polish that is recommended, you don't want to be leaving these on your geetar.