I posted this in the Promote YO Band section, but I think this forum is just as relevant... Plus, I guess in the long run, I'm really trying to show off this one song, It's Happening, by my band, Fireworks For Luna.

I recorded my band's first true demo song, It's Happening, on garageband the other day and I'm so excited by how the quality came out, that I'm completely unable to contain myself. We play singly-screamly, jingly-jangly music, so I'd like to know what the general community thinks of us, I guess, because I know that I listen to weird music, unlike most people. So yeah!

The myspace link is: www.myspace.com/fireworksforluna
But if you're into it and want a download (not to mention better sound quality), you can get it at http://www.mediafire.com/?bnlzkjwtm4d for freez (as if we had any other options).

Thanks for reading, hombres. I hope you enjoy.
Some... odd, ehrm... mixing decisions... Makes my brain hurt. Glad you like the quality but this needs better playing and better production.
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