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Where do you plan on, or dream of living? For me personally, I'd say anywhere that's warm all year; here in Wisconsin, the weather is decent for about 3-4 months, and then it turns ****ty again. It just started snowing.... it's the 12th of October, and there's snow on the ground. Not just morning frost, but snow.

Edit: To be more specific, I guess I'd really like a bigger town, or a smaller city.
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all my sports teams, dont need to go far for anything, never too warm or too cold...
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I'd like to atleast have a holiday home in Cyprus - pehaps Pathos?
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right here in the burgh, maybe
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One of the big cities. Like New York or London most likely. Both places seem to be pretty cool (though of course everywhere has a down side). When i'm much older i'll probably want somewhere more peaceful.
Not South Carolina.

It's October, there is no reason for it to still be 90 degrees outside.
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somewhere in the country, in the middle of nowhere. with a wide open field and lush forests everywhere else and a huge lake right beside it. so i can do whatever i want, motocross jumps, paintball field, shooting range, blow **** right the **** up range, dig a huge hole and make an underground house so i can build my submarine in it, then set it to the waters amek people go wtf theres a submarine in this lake that leads to nowhere!
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Not South Carolina.

It's October, there is no reason for it to still be 90 degrees outside.
I'll trade with ya; it almost never gets that warm here, and generally when it does, it's so humid it sucks anyways.
Either Japan, the California Desert (Palm Springs/Joshua Tree area) or New Jersey.
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San Francisco / LA
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Based on where I've been, I'd say either in, or very close to Trondheim, or Tokyo.
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Horndean, a relatively large urban/rural village, 10 miles north of Portsmouth. Oh wait...

Probably in Portsmouth/Southsea, or even Horndean!

The village is in a very good loctation; 10 miles north of Portsmouth, 60 miles south of London, near Southampton, Waterlooville, Havant, Petersfield and Chichester. Nearest railway station is, unfotunately 3 miles away, but we're on top of the motorway. Great pub here, 4 in total though.
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I want to live in Berlin

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I am pretty happy with where I live now. I'm not in the city, just in the suburbs. I'm over the hills that separate Oakland/San Fran from the rest of the bay area, so I don't have to deal with fog, the weather is warm, and if I wanted to go to the city it doesn't take more than half hour/45 minutes.
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Oh noes, you have snow! I live in arctic wastelands

I'd like to live in London or somewhere around there for a while.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

I'm giving serious consideration to moving to France, Switzerland, or perhaps England after I earn my degree.
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Cork in Ireland is a great city, though still a bit busy, and driving is hectic there.
I imagine I'd like living in a rural part of Canada too for some reason.
Italy seems nice too.
Either New York, or Chicago or another big city. But not LA. It's cool but I just couldn't be around that many posers at one time.
Somewhere in Spain.

In Seattle (the city proper, I leave near it ATM)

Ireland/Scotland/London (ALL OF THEM; my girlfriend, eventual fiance is a citizen so it'd be no probzz)

A tropical island

These aren't different options, they will all happen at one point :|
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Somewhere in Spain.

Come to Asturias, I'll let you stay!

I'd love to live where I live, but it's not going to be possible.
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Come to Asturias, I'll let you stay!

I'd love to live where I live, but it's not going to be possible.
What do you mean?
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