Hi guys,

I used to post on UG a lot, but have been dormant for some time. I am on a Music Production degree at Leeds College of Music (LCM) and wondered if any of UG in the Yorkshire area are interested in doing an EP with me. My credits so far can be seen on www.myspace.com/stefandrewsmusic www.myspace.com/theavarice and my facebook page (search Stef Andrews). My main area of recording expertise is in the rock/pop genres but also have knowledge in the Jazz and Classical areas.

If interested, (using the example of a rock band) I would want to attend a band practice or gig to gain a knowledge of your style and sit down and talk about what you as a band wanted from the recordings. The recordings will be done at LCM, with mixing done at LCM and my home. I will charge, but the amount is dependent on the time spent working with you, planning and recording. All of which will be documented and given to you prior to expecting payment, and final CD master handover.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me via PM on here, or for quicker reply to stefandrews AT hotmail DOT co.uk

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