Hi There fellow basplayers,

I have this funk CD at home, and I was just listening to it,
and i found this phat bas line on Gun by Gil Scott Heron.
So i said to myself "let's learn this in a few minutes, it sounds fun."
And I searched for the notes, but quickly realized that this song had some kind of strange tuning. So i memorized a note from the song and tuned my bass to that.
And Voila, it was sounding in tune with the song.

So I played a bit blues jazz stuff with the new tuning, sounded really good, a lot more clarity. And then I decided to play along with Gangsters Delight. But as soon as i started playing I noticed my bass was really out of tune. And then I decided not to follow around
but jam solo some. So I did that. And that didn't sound out of tune.
Hmm strange I said to myself. And a minute later I started wondering why it didn't sound out of tune when jamming on it. And I started listening very closely, to find out that my tuning actually was 'stronger' or more prominent then the song it's tuning. Like my tuning was overpowering or oversounding the tuning of the tune.

So now I'm really excited. What is this tuning? Why does it sound better?
I'm gonna check what my tuning exactly is right now. You guys have any idea?
Could be the stretching of a tape, or no, the tuning is higher, that wouldn't make sense.

Tell me what you think,
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From what I got from what you said, it sounds as though your bass is out of tune with the track.
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It is out of tune, that's the point. It's in tune with Gun, and out of tune with all other music I have, but it does sound good and right.
Do I write that confusing? =p
You don't HAVE to be in a tuning to play a song. You just play it differently.
You're saying it sounds in tune with Gun, but not anything else? Personally I have never listened to these songs, but it seems to me that Gun is recorded in a different tuning than standard (I'm assuming the other tunings are in standard).
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The strange thing is that the tuning is something between notes. My E snare is now tuned something between E and F. Could it be another system, like they use in Eastern countries?
So when I solo over normal tuned music, it doesn't soudn wrong, which is odd since I'm not playing any of the western system it's notes.
I don't think it would be a notes system different to a western system. Maybe the instruments were tuned a microtone sharp? I know Pantera used to tune a mictrotone flat from more conventional tunings for some songs.
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