Listen up fuckers, this isn't the pussy Sandwich Thread!
Hell no! This is the MANwich thread, for MANLY SANDWICHES!

Everyone loves Sandwiches, but REAL MEN love REAL MANWICHES!

This is what my Manwich i made earlier would have looked like in human form:

This morning I had an urge, an urge so powerful it made my balls twitch. It was the urge to make a sandwich that would made even Mr T blush like a 6-year old school girl.

I decided to use:

-Butter (obviously, WHO THE FUCK DOSN'T USE BUTTER? A PUSSY??)
-Garlic Mayo (Hell yeah!)
-Lettuce (Not that iceberg pussy crap that reads the Guardian and recycles! No, I'm talking that dry crispy stuff that tastes like ORGASM!!)
-Spring Onion (Could only be manlier if it was called...WINTER ONION! But noooo they had to call it after a stupid pussy season!)
-Pork...FROM A ****ING CAN!
-Salami, not normal salami, but SPICY SALAMI YEAH!
-Cheese!...Um....Cheese hell yeah!
- Reggae Reggae Sauce, because its the dogs-fucking-bollocks in a jar!
- A sprinkle of black pepper!

Seriously, when i ate my Manwich at lunch, when my mates saw it, their ball's shrank to the size of garden peas...

I tried to take a photo of it, but when I did, it's sheer awesomeness caused my camera to melt like the nazi's at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Describe your ultimate MANwich you've ever created!
just no
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Using a farmhouse loaf from the bakers just up the road...
Cut 2 slices, about an inch thick
Spread with enough butter to give a rhino a heart attack
Add mayo
Add chicken
More mayo
Add cheese
Moar mayo
Add ham
Can you guess what goes between here and more cheese?
Sliced bell peppers, spring onions, lettuce

Now, disclocate jaw so it actually fits in your mouth, and enjoy.
That crappy sandwich doesn't deserve its own thread imo

To be properly manly, it needs moar. Moar meat, moar filling, moar layers
homemade ciabatta...1/2wholemeal and 1/2 white flour toasted and rubbed with garlic
Aberdeen Angus Steak...sliced and fried in sauteed onions
Scottish Galloway Chedder Cheese
Real Hellmans (sp) mayo full fat
homemade bbq relish with roasted peppers, bbq seasoning tomatos, ketchup,
Round Lettuce
Thinnest slice of cucumber in the world
Bit of basil

Bottle of stella aka 'wifebeater'

Made and prepared by wife
Eaten while watching the fitba
In a string wifebeater vest
Followed by gratutious domestic violence and a yorkie.
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A while ago I made a tortilla with meatballs, prosciutto, spinach, cheese, onion and american mustard... it was delish!
Sounds like a bi-sexual threesome
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Also, you could have posted this in the sandwich thread. You may think you are too good for it, but trust me, you aren't.

Maybe once your balls drop you won't feel the need to compensate by cursing and being loud.