i noticed at my local store, that the gibson les paul custom is selling cheaper then the traditional. the traditionals selling at $4,899 aus and the custom is $4,499 aus. the custom is a better guitar quality wise isnt it??
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you can't really judge which is "better" based on the model. it varies from guitar to guitar. if they are at a local shop.. try them both, and then you'll know which one of those individual guitars you like best - but remember, if you see 2 "identical" guitars to those later on they will be very different to the ones there at the moment
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The Gibson Les Paul Custom would be of a higher quality but that doesn't mean that it's the right guitar for you. Play them both and figure out which one you prefer.
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I think they're both overpriced, although if I had to buy one, it would be the custom, merely for a better resale value.
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