heres wat i want to do
have multi sources such as 7.1 channel pc, 2.0 effects processor, gaming consoles, tv, and so on
i want an audio mixer that will output these to a 7.1 audio system
is this posible?
and would the lower surround sound such as 2.0 be upmixed with the mixer?

hope someone can help rly need it
at first i tried making my own little circuit just for guitar pc and output but dat never worked as there were problems like back currect flow and realised its much more complicated then it seemed, i got told i need loads of stuff for circuits but i gave up on DYI, so now i have the idea of getting either a mixer, input soundcard for pc, multi audio interface, thing is thought i already got 2 soundcards on pc and another eternal one "pod x3 live" (which is technically a soundcard too) and as far as i know soundcards dont communicate with each other?
so i would need 1 soundcard with multi inputs? i only need 1 7.1 channel output but multi inputs so i asume i would need an external multi inputs soundcard?
it would be preferable if its PC based
maybe a digital audio workstation DAW?, but the best ones that come with hardware and software, does recording, inputs outputs, surround sound, upmix, asio, phantom?

maybe them?