Ok so I want to start saving up for a tube amp.
I play Metalcore (August Burns Red, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage etc)

So I was looking at the Peavey 6505+ and the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier or Roadster
Now what are the differences between the Dual Rec and the Roadster and what is the price of all 3 amps mentioned above (in USD)

Which would be the best for me ?
Also, I definitely want to buy a Separate Head to carry around with me. In most concerts, cabs are provided so I can just connect my head to it. Keeping this in mind, for bedroom use and jamming and MAYBE carrying to a gig, which Cabinet should I get (4x12, 2x12, 1x12 etc) and which brand should it be ? Also how much would it cost ?
NOTE : At the gigs, the cabs are mic'd anyway.

Anything else you guys would recommend + its cost is welcome.
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i can't help you out for the price difference since im from Canada but here its about 150$ between a single-dual-triple, something like that. I chose the Single though as i play punk and the single sounds a lot tighther than the dual or triple and that's what i like. As far as the cab, i'd say maybe you'd be good with a 2x12. You can use it home and its not to hard to carry around if needed. And for wich cab to take i don't really want to point out brands to you. Id say go out and try some. For me, i use a 4x12 Marshall with v30's and im simply love it. It matches my single recto biased with EL34's like a charm.
To buy:

Line 6 MM4
Voodoo Lab power
Mesa Boogie Single rectifier
Boss TU-3 Done
Shure SM58 Done

I really won't be able to try them out because the only cabs i get where I live are laney's.
I will probably pick up the tube amp from the USA when the time comes
The Peavy is the cheapest out of them all. The Mesa's are going to be well over $2000 each for just the head. Prices vary but thats a ball park of the price. You can just look up the prices. But the Peavy is good for metal and stuff like that, but either Mesa is going to beat the Peavy by a long shot. I guess its up to you.

EDIT: As for a cab, I would just get a 212, since there lighter and will still take the full volume of each head. 412 are just for looks.
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Peavey <-- Recto <-- Roadking (price)

and you should get a 2x12 cab like mesa
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I have heard that the 6505+ gives a tighter distortion, better for Metalcore. Any truth to that statement ?
mesa is famous for being loose so Yeah,6505 is tighter
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I got my sister pregnant once. Yeah, that was awkward, but mostly because she's 6 years younger than me.
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I have heard that the 6505+ gives a tighter distortion, better for Metalcore. Any truth to that statement ?

The 6505+ is as tight as hell yes.. But two of the bands you mentioned are known for using Mesa's as well.. So you have to decide do you want a general tight metalcore sound or the amps your favorite bands use. And if you want something that can go super tight to loose go with a Peavey Triple..
Well my favourite tone right now is what August Burns Red gets. And I think they use Peavey 6505's in Studio. I do not like Lamb of God's tone as much and Killswitch's Guitar tone sounds a little weak in their latest album

So I would like to go with the 6505+ and a Mesa 2x12 cab
I have also heard that the Triple XXX is Solid State and is it discontinued or something ?
just for the record (no pun intended), LOG predominately uses MkIV's, but yes, a 6505+ is going to be tighter and have more gain on tap... use with caution.

both the 5150's and recto series have a multitude of mods available that range from cheap, simple upgrades to more expensive complete overhauls. so, if you like [amp] but aren't COMPLETELY 100% satisfied with the tone, it might be worth your time to research some of those mods. I swear by Trace Davis's recto mod, and his 6505 mod is very popular as well.

last time i checked, dual recs went for around $1800 new in my area, but i regularly see halfstacks go for under a grand used (Austin area craigslist)... a pretty sweet deal considering how expensive (and overrated - well built by durability standards, but too much bass resonance) mesa cabs are. rectos are mistakenly identified as "loose" when that is more often the cause of the matched cab, not to say that they come anywhere near as tight as 6505's though. Rectos will be a bit more forgiving to sloppy playing, but it's easier to hide behind the gain of a 6505... choose your poison.

as cabs go, you'd probably be fine with either a 2x12 or 4x12. a 4x12 is going to move a lot of air, so be warned, but at the same time, understand that if you're going to be using a 100w head for home practise, ****'s gonna get loud real quick with either cab type. Avatar can build you a quality cab and load it with the speakers you want at a good price for going new... it's pretty common to see cheap spakers in stock cabs, so unless you REALLY REALLY want that [brand] logo on there, I'd say Avatar's your best bet for dollars vs. sound. that said, some manufacturers have some pretty cool options with their cabs. Peavey's JSX 4x12's offer XLR outs (along with ground and bright/dark switches), which I'm a huge fan of... lets me treat my amps essentially as a pair of DI's, and I mix in the sound I'm getting from micing them as well. didn't care for the stock speakers though.