I'm not meaning sweeps, tapping, etc.

Think of Hotel Calafornia.

If anyone could be so kind to show a site to show where all major minor arps are played in the neck..

I've been told to learn arpeggios for Homework, great. I don't know so much about them i just fool about with them occasionaly tossing in the chords root note (say the chords are Em and G) i would play a Em pentatonic then hit the G note when he changes the chord. Technically not really using the arpeggio but to me is the closest i have done to this kind of work.

any help, websites, info, tips or stuff is greatly appreciated.
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No offence, but that site would just be a map of the whole fretboard with every note dotted

Just use simple chord shapes as your base and augment them with additional chord tones from the scale pattern.

Try this little exercise....

Draw yourself a blank fretboard diagram.

Pick a key, lets say Em for arguments sake because it's easy.

Look up the chords for the key of Em.

Mark them on the fretboard diagram as 6 string barre chords

Compare what you've drawn with the full fretboard pattern for the Em scale

See how it all fits together?
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Yes i do know the Em arpeggio its just learning it all around, i know it fits with the minor pentatonic, it uses 3 notes out of 5.

ok i suppose i'll do this long run of writing each note down
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