I'm lookin to buy a new bass, and am wanting one that would be good for funk rock, a lot of slapping and pops. What would you guys suggest? Budget is around $500
Maybe on of flea's new basses? He just started his own brand that manufactures inexpensive basses (compared to the $3000+ Modulus basses he plays). I haven't played one yet, but based on his style they would sound good played in a funky way.
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You really need two threads? i'm not sure about the price, they might be a little higher than you can afford, but the musicman SUB line is like a budget line. They've been discontinued, but you can find them used. Not sure about three pricing, like I said.
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If you add maybe $100 to your budget, you could get a Sterling by Musicman. It's pretty much a basswood version of a Stingray (the $600 model)

EDIT: keep in mind Sterling is a budget Musicman. More importantly, how could I forget to recommend the P bass ?
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First bass to come to mind was the Music man Stingray, until I saw the budget. If you can get together another $100, you could get a Sterling by Music Man bass (≠Music Man Sterling). Otherwise, get a Standard Jazz or used Deluxe Active Jazz.
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I see Warwick Corvettes for 500 all the time on craigslist.

that is really good for funk man. if you dont have a pointless aversion to used gear, look. might even find the ol stingray.
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I second P-Basses and sterling by MM.

They would be the best to get in your price range atm. You can always save more and get a more worthy one =D
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