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5 83%
1 17%
1 17%
0 0%
Voters: 6.
Point round, +3,+2,+1. 4 days. don't vote for self.

i saw two seagulls making love in the park today
and right as the one was about to cum i threw out a piece of bread
and watched them tear each other to
fucking shreds.

break beat warrior, the last of his kind
with silver turntables, blistering rhymes
stands triuphant before hundreds, pounding their hearts
break beat warrior, the king of his arts

We'd grind our bones together until they'd
sing in whispers, under her bedroom window
where fine linens would always
and never let her down.

I can't help but stand before the hammer.
A spike in the railroad of progression,
put in place by grimy hands and tormented faces;
just to get you where you're going, regardless.
Blue, just to mix it up, red for comedic value though.
a little lost.....
Am I the only one who finds red less comedic and more of a shocking truth? (I voted for Red by the way)