I'd rather not say who I am seeing, but the bands are some of my favorites. I think it's the whole thing going to a huge stadium with thousands of people and the music maybe being too loud. I think I prefer listening to music in solitude like taking a walk outside or in a car for instance.

Anyody else get this feeling.
**** no.

Concerts are the ****. Just have a few brews before.
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Shows at huge venues aren't normally that loud compared to smaller places.
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i often get this. tbh i get it for alot of ithngs im one of htem ppl but once im in is ****ing amazing
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i would rather see my favs in a smaller venue. the smaller the better, less people and louder.

imo, the louder the music i listen to is the better it is!!

if you're really scared, take some earplugs...
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Just tell us who you're seeing and we'll help you.
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i'm not a big fan of stadium concerts but concerts are amazing. i'd just much prefer them to be at a smaller venue. like a 1000 people is the perfect amount, then it's big but not so big that it sucks balls. i've never seen a stadium concert that i really thought was something special.
The music WILL be too loud, but trust me - that soon dissapears when you feel the bass drum Pounding on your chest, and the guitar cutting through the cold air. I was exactly the same as you, but trust me, when you see people singing, dancing, waving hands and all kinds of stuff, you get sucked in and you're set free, its beautiful.
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I'd rather not say who I am seeing, but the bands are some of my favorites. I think it's the whole thing going to a huge stadium with thousands of people and the music maybe being too loud. I think I prefer listening to music in solitude like taking a walk outside or in a car for instance.

Anyody else get this feeling.

lol no
I totally agree.

I find gigs are usually uncomfortable, expensive and generally I don't get anything from them that I couldn't get from just listening to the album.

However, I saw John Butler perform solo in the Union Chapel, and that was amazing.

It depends on the gig.
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I like going to concerts. I love standing, I always go for floor seats... and not the sectioned seats. I always go 3-4 hours before a concert and wait in line, I'm used to it.
Concerts don't excite me anymore either. It's not that I don't enjoy them, but once you've done it enough it's just not that big of a deal. I hate stadium shows compared to smaller venues though. In most cases a show being in an arena/stadium is enough reason for me not to go, regardless of who's playing.
I'll admit that smaller venues/outdoor concerts usually are a lot more fun than big stadium concerts, but I wouldn't write it off. Presuming that this is your first concert, I've been in the same place. I wasn't very hyped for my first concert either, but it was really awesome.

Thing is that we (at least I did) tend to worry too much about the negative aspects, and forget that this is something that most bands pull off extremely well and is more often than not very much worth the experience.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

Going to shows is one of the few things I really go out and do for entertainment, yet sometimes I just can't enjoy them. The band is almost always impressive but the crowds seem to be getting worse and worse. I went to see Brand New with Manchester Orchestra last week and my friend and I really couldn't enjoy it as much as we could have. I spent most of the show trying to keep the crowd from crushing her. Damn, can't people just find a spot and be happy with it? If you get there an hour after the show starts, don't try to shove your way to the front like an asshole...

Also, TS just say who you are seeing. I'm interested and won't mock you.
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we won't mock who your seeing, we pwomise....

unless its jonas brothers, then all hell will break loose

I like to go to concerts, but I like going alone. Small venues are nice too, but the asshole owners of my favorite venue closed the place with a bunch of shows coming up. I saw Macabre once at a smaller place and the crowd was really into the show, moshing and headbanging and stuff like that. At this year's Mayhem Fest it felt like most of the crowd was just disinterested at the band playing at that time, and a lot of the crowd was either smoking pot, pissed at the moshers, trying to drink, or milling around all wearing the same overprice Slayer shirt.
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I have to admit though, that 'Paranoid' song isn't bad. In fact it's pretty damned catchy.

Elect8r, is the band you're seeing one of those bands that just stands there playing the songs like they layed it down in the studio? Or do those guys/girls either put on a really big show or maybe jam the hell out of their songs and make it very interesting musically?
**** no! I seriously have no idea what you're babbelin' about.
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Wear earplugs if you're worried.
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