So I'm planning on getting a distortion pedal once I sell off my Magic cards (haaa). I was looking around and I really loved the demo clips they had for the Keeley Fuzz Head on Musician's Friend. Can anyone recommend it? Or is there something better?

And on an unrelated note: what gauge strings would you recommend for Db tuning?

What kind of sound are you looking for? Big Muffs are good for nearly anything, but don't go into the Metal territories well.
.10 gauge? I feel like that'd be too light. But I'll use those because I don't want to bother with getting the action/relief adjusted.
I'm using an old starter guitar I bought four years ago. I just don't want to keep tuning between Db standard and E standard/drop D.

I love the sound from that Keeley Fuzz. I'm shooting for a wide range of sounds but if I were to be specific, something along the lines of Tool and APC.

I'm liking the sound of the Russian Pi right now... I'm gonna have to look through the site and check out the other ones later and find price quotes somehwere. Musicians' Friend is down right now and that's my go-to site.