Hi guys, I decided to follow the advice people gave me last time by trying out a number of guitars. I didn't like the sound of the larrivee guitars too much (sounded like a harp to me?), it was a little too mellow. I think it was the l-03 and l-05. I didn't like the sound of the dreadnoughts and rosewood tops (too much bass for me) much either.I like cedar and mahogany tops, cedar in particular is really nice.

I prefer a very energetic "alive" sound. I do like a darker sound, but it's not an absolute must for me to have that in a guitar.

I'm mainly interested in playing pop songs (playing along to 80's pop hits, mellow new age stuff, and flamenco). I realize it's never a good idea to go for a guitar that's a "jack of all trades, master of none"...but I'd like something that straddles an acoustic and electric sound (but leans more acoustic).

I want to play a wide range of stuff, and I'd rather not spring for several guitars (unless I have to), I want to have something that can be multi-purpose if possible.

For example something that can do this:

4:49-5:15 (spanish acoustic?)





Obviously I'm not looking for exact matches but something reasonably close if possible? My budget is around 2500 bucks. I'll be buying them on ebay so I imagine I'll get a decent discount. Most of the guitars I'm listing went for around 1800 bucks used.

After several weeks of research and listening to various clips on youtube, the models that have caught my attention were :

Taylor 514ce
Taylor 314ce
Martin D28
Gibson J45 (tied with Taylor 514ce for my favorite acoustic sound)

Taylor T5 custom Koa - (leaning towards this one since it's a hybrid)

My favorite electric I've heard was the 2007 Gibson LP Classic custom :


So now my questions are:

1. Do you guys have better suggestions than the taylors I've listed?

2. Should I go for the T5 or just get a straight acoustic-electric (like the 514ce) and a nylon string guitar?

3. Should I go for an electric for the sake of versatility?

The amp I was thinking of using was the Roland cube 60 since apparently it's good for getting an acoustic sound and serves as a good practice amp. I'll be basically playing in my room (quietly).
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