So I'm taking a Soc class and I need to write a paper on how to create social change by using an Iphone app. I can take ideas from other apps and use it in a different way or make my own. I need to include:
* Problem
* Solution
* Impact and/or Expected Outcomes
* Cost + Timeframe
* Viability and/or Sustainability

Right now I am thinking I'd have an app that would be step by steps on how to build alternative energy sources, like a windmill. and how to hook it up and get energy. I'd send a couple hundred to blighted areas where they can be used. Without energy in the first play though they have no way of charging the Iphone. What I would really like to do is just say send books their way. They don't need an Iphone, but I don't think that would work.

I was also thinking of making some natural disasters early warning system. Use technology that already exists and just put it in an app. Like seismic readings and thunder storm warnings. So the people get warnings before some agency miles away. Same thing though, people would need electricity and how would the person who has the Iphone get word out?

The app can work for any social change. Doesn't have to be overseas. Any ideas? I'm not asking you to do my homework, I'm just trying to brainstorm.
How about amber alerts?
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problem: lack of douches in your life
solution: buy iphone, use apps
Impact and/or expected outcomes: slowly become a douche yourself
Cost + Timeframe: your soul and eternity
Viability and/or Sustainability: 100% in both cases
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Typical useless sociology paper i see

Word. I'm no academic. I just want the degree so I can have more creditability. Kinda sucks that's how it works. I like the amber alert. That would be super easy, super cheap. All the technology is already there. I'd just need it adapted to an app. I'm a grab some grub and a shower. That is what I am going to do as of now, unless someone posts a better idea in the meantime. Thanks. That was easier then I thought it'd be
I'd make an application that would be able to send everybody in the room a suggestive text message.