Hopefully, I'll be getting a guitar for Christmas, and I just don't know which one, but there are some possibilities.

Ibanez GRG170DX

Ibanez GSA60

Yamaha Pacifica 112VCX

Ibanez is preferable since I like to play metal. I know I could always play metal on a Pacifica with the right amp settings, but I've always been advised and told that Ibanez makes good guitars for metal.

The Pacifica is just that average guitar.

Anyway, these have all been deemed as 'beginner' guitars. However, there are some issues.

The Yamaha looks sleek, but not exactly sexy. I'm picky when it comes to looks. If the others have considerable problems, then this'll be my pick.

The Ibanez ones have floating tremolos, or so I've heard... which apparently means that they go out of tune easily, and that drop tuning and changing strings is a pain. Could I just ask to get a fixed tremolo? Or add springs or whatever it was I heard being recommended to someone who mentioned this problem to the bridge?

Anyway, it's not too beginner friendly.

So, opinions? Which one? Should I just stick to the faithful Pacifica or risk the metal tones of the Ibanez?

Oh, and experience wise, I played my friend's electric guitar for like 2 weeks and loved it. It was a Yamaha. I didn't love the fact that I was playing a Yamaha. Not that I don't love Yamahas. Just that I loved that I was playing electric guitar.

Thanks in advance.
I'd say the Yamaha; lower end Ibanez's aren't exactly that decent. The thing is, it can do metal quite easily, just because a guitar looks more metal doesn't mean it can do it better.

Yamaha Pacificas are really good, and they'll last a bit too.
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I would say the yahama as well unless you could get a fixed bridge Ibanez. The tone depends mainly on the amp, so having the yamaha wont make too much of a difference.
Here's a video of somebody playing a Yamaha Pacifica, , It can do metal You just need the right amp/ settings.

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I started with a Yamaha myself and i can say that it's a better choice than the Ibanez. It can do easily metal. Plus you get good clean sounds with the single coils. Decent guitar and it does last. Be carefull with the input jack though cause i've had some probs with it and i've heard other people saying this thing as well. But it's an easy and cheap fix anyway.
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don't get the yamaha do u seriously want a guitar made by a company that makes motors and about everything else. stick with companies that specialize in instruments.