Not posted in a while but I'm getting back into some crit4crit action!

I worked on a new track over the weekend, I'm still learning my way around REAPER (and the guitar for that matter) so it's still quite rough. Would love some opinions though, hopefully you can see where it's going.

Some caveats:
- The drums are essentially just a click track for now until I figure out what I'm gonna do for a drumming VST. I might have to invest in EZ Drummer...
- There is some more Lead guitar to go in over the third verse, I think it's pretty obviously that something is missing there...

It's called No Problemo (for now) and it's in My Profile.

Thanks in advance chaps

Absolutely will do Crit for Crit, so link me up.
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Thanks for the critique.

I'm critiquing as I listen too. Sounds pretty good. It kinda has a kings of leon feel to it which is a good thing. The only that stuck out in my mind is that I don't like those weird sounds in the background. They sound like breathes but I don't know what they are. They're a bit distracting. I'd either have them more distinguishable or take them out all together. Good work though, I like the feel to the song.
I like it though it was a little rough, maybe its the recording quality. It gets better in the middle too, Its like a spy theme or something xD I like it though, really good. I like the 3rd verse that guitar sounds good i think. Overall nice track man.
Yeah, I agree with the above posters, its pertty cool sounding, but I do think that twangy guitar is kinda annoying. But your lead needs more mid, and your rythem guitar has a bit too much bass. Have you tried double tracking your rythem and lead? Also, in Reaper, theres two different EQ's, both which come in handy.

Crit mine? I use Reaper also, but I use a USB mic.
I really liked the main melody that went through the beginning. The quality is all a it shaky, but isn't too bad, it works well.

It would be cool if you put in vocals for the melody instead of the guitar (is it a guitar? sounds almost like a violin, haha) But if that's not your thing, then that's alright.

It's a good song and like you said, it's a work in progress, but so far so good!
Thanks for the comments guys.

Peacemaker, it is indeed a guitar. I used a glass slide for those weird sounding lead bits. There's lyrics to go with it, I just have to get the balls up to actually do the singing.

Ethan, by the twanging guitar do you mean the slide bit? I'm not 100% on that either, but I think if I find the right effect it might sound a bit better. Thanks for the EQ tips, I will have another go at getting those right. I will crit your song asap.

Cheers Saintonge. I am still at a loss as to how to clean my tracks up so they don't sound so rough. Any tips?

Jordan, I really like those bits (you're right, they are kind of whispered/breathy sounds) but you're right in that they are a bit lost in there. There's whispered words in there too and they are completely inaudible, so I will try and mix them slightly higher.

Thanks again, I'm going to spend some time on it this weekend so I'll keep all your comments in mind